As I got in an accident 2.

Good day.

I would like to talk about the consequences of an accident, buying a new bumper and consumables, and TO-30000, which is adapted, after almost 1.5 years after buying the car. Let's start in order:

1) As I said, I MTPL paid compensation in the amount of 40 600 rubles. But this I did not stop, wrote an application for compensation and TCB Alfastrakhovanie pay another 9 250 rubles. By this, I was satisfied. I would like to clarify - I did not spend any extra. vehicle inspection, moreover, which has sent the insurance (I chose to major in Sokolniki), but simply wrote a letter to the insurance and everything.

2) Next, I wanted to buy a bumper and a broken rear reflector that struck a week later after the accident, completely depriving bumper possibilities remain))

As I got in an accident 2.

The forum Acura-suv Anton found the contacts that later and found me a new bumper in color of 33 400. The man honest, I think is known to many, but if you want I can give positive feedback and contacts for cooperation.
Reflector assembly took 2 200 Avtorusi at Sevastopol.

3) Avtorusi at Sevastopol I am and do-30000. Given the Welcome bonus, works worth 8 000.
on the advice of Automotive Parts Sergious75 picked Hondaline on Lenin. With pads neoriginal (brembo) came 11 200.

Bumper ready, waiting for the reflector and the plan to put the new in the spring
Now look to the set of pressure sensors for the winter kit -. Want to order on E-bay . If someone has experience or recommendations which sensors take - ask in the comments

Good luck on the road


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