Children are our everything!

Good upcoming Christmas Komrad of days!
That the new year decided to make a small Postica about the safety of our children, our spinogryzikov so to speak, even though the purchase was made 2-3 months ago.
And we are talking of course about a child seat, as without it, if you value life and love to their loved ones, if you do not consider yourself the level of the driver 'God', if you are sure that in your car is not rolled any alkanavt or TA mix up the brake pedal and gas!
I'm sure there are comments that "went well before, did not know what the child seat", well, or they will write "not to drive with the children quickly." "If I were wearing, was killed." etc. So here are the commentators (I believe with a bullet in my head), I would like to say, guys, do not bother, not persuaded! 🙂 Because of my car not wearing does not go NO! This is my rule, these are my conditions!

Returning to the purchase history, something I was interested in.
Actually, I taught her son to a chair from the moment he started well sit back and tolerate their own way in a chair, somewhere probably 8 months. But time passes, minikopiya rising and has inherited the chair was his sister enough, plus it was without the Isofix, which is a bit strained during installation and removal. Upon reflection and after reading a couple of articles here on the drive, I decided for myself that the baby safety save stupid and not wise. I found a good decent chair, the firm still quite good and the site of crash tests ADAC holds a leading position. What we liked it there, because according to the description in the weight / age category, it has a maximum adjustment: height, backrest, side protection width and length of the seat cushion. The unique mechanism of seat adjustment, one-handed adjustable height and width of the lateral protection. It has a small own weight and compact, meets the requirements of the European ECE-R44 / 04 and weighs only 6.2 kg.
In general, I was pleased, and my son is now in general as bosyara sitting in it, the monitor my actions until lull on the road)))

PS Oh yeah, that's the model seats - Seat Kiddy CRUISERFIX PRO, the color of the Dubai, especially for harmony with beige interior is taken in as a)

Once again all happy, no nail or rod, smooth roads, the lack of "drivers! -God ", joy and positive emotions to 2017m!

All Peace!

Children are our everything!

Checked extension of the seat cushion. Between them tried to stick a pillow to her son's head, do not pay attention.) I used to cling to her belt to him on it and he was nodding to buy the chair.

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