Chip-Tuning RSX Type-S 05-06

Chip-Tuning RSX Type-S 05-06

That's so. In the morning I have never been done in the CIS, and in the evening, our team has ReflashTeam able to do it =)
restyled RSX owners will appreciate it. For today it is necessary to acquire or
1. Hondata K-Pro + brain from dorestayla 02-04 + SHLZ from dorestayla + Harness or collective farm wiring. All it took off in a round sum.
2. Buy K-tuner for 450ue.

Now we can absolutely katabatic brain to make any adjustments. Under any setup. Most likely make a few firmware for different setups (sink, sink + inlet / outlet, etc.)

In general, I am very pleased that today my budget really save 500 bucks =)

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