Full Rebild calipers

Full Rebild calipers

Several times fingered slide.
but after a year + back pad evenly iznshivalis.

Who made a complete Rebild

2 front caliper 40 $ x2 + $ 25 for removal and installation + $ 45 new pads nissimbo

here is how describes this process:


After dismantling, each caliper body goes tumbling steel shot. This allows you to completely clean the workpiece. Then, all the details are automatic car wash. In the same way before repair clean the body of US Abrams tanks. After cleaning all the caliper go on, obezzhirovku and coating zinc electroplating, which helps reduce wear and protects against corrosion.

Before shipment to the assembly each brake caliper undergoes a thorough inspection.

To to avoid damage to the thread when installing the caliper, it re-cut each threaded hole.

All holes caliper thoroughly cleaned to ensure proper installation and operation of the new rubber seals and anther.

Install new piston Seals and gaskets made by means of a suitable lubricant in process conditions, which correspond to the factory.

After assembling each brake caliper being tested for leaks using air pressure within the 10 atmospheres control gauges. This ensures that the restored calipers are ready to work according to the initial specifications without all the advanced settings. The warranty period for the reduced caliper 24 months without mileage limitation.

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