He took off the pallet – changed sealant

He took off the pallet - changed sealant

Finally something happened conceived! all day today with 3eh hours toiled with tray ... have long wanted to make him change ... after replacing sealant gland indigenous oil leak became smaller, but still continued. oil droplets flowing down from the pallet edges still piled on the tray junction and boxes ... And then there's the buyer like drew, I think - it is necessary to choose the schools;)
do everything to pit one ...
In general, nothing complicated, but one person to remove the entire exhaust front to backside, trying not to put it on a break - it is something;) he-ka tyazhOOOly assembly;) yes, and without removing the subframe to unscrew and then stretching the pan bolts on the right side - just a scribe)
shorter namayalis, all noggin in oil, the back hurts, bought a beer;))
in my opinion when run in 190 thousand miles.! rather all not bad looks from the inside;) as the knee and in the pan! No deposits of tar were found! places was what that black patina, but it is easily removed with a cloth ...
Old (manufacturer) sealant was in pretty poor condition - just oak, and in some places simply crumbled ... why not put the pads on this place from the factory - do not understand ...
at the assembly why it took much less time;))
warmed for half an hour on the pit, step on the gas ... until everything is dry! 😉
... here are some photos shot on tel. sor for quality - it is not convenient to take with one hand on the slippery oil, and the second to keep portability;)

Read more: reviews.drom.ru/acura/tl/54487/#update73975

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