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For more than three years, know every time all the Old collect the crumbs.
I decided to gather all in one place, and then scattered on different computers.
And it is convenient and useful to someone can.

For a directory
vin: JH4DC530X2C024047 right-handed only stand number. For example DC5-1012927

colors for Acura's
pearl vidos
blue chrome mat
blue chrome mat vidos
red vidos
red vidos 2
gold vidos
orange vidos

Native 5h114,3 R16 width 6.5 fly 45 with tires 205/55


.Maslyany filter Honda C-809 (15400-RTA-003,15400-PLM-A02, 15400-PLM-A01, OC 986)
.vozdushny filter 17220-PNB-003 height 166, the diameters of 81134

of the engine and close
engine .podushki ($ 200 + $ 65 US)
50827-S7C-000 4000r. ($ 75 + $ 48 shipping from the USA)
50840-S6M-010 3500r. an analog VTR, Yamato 2000P.
50805-S7C-013 4000-7000 ()
.Honda 22300PRC003 clutch basket
.Honda 22200RBC003 (22200PRC003) Clutch Disc
.Honda 22810PPT003 Releaser
to grapple better to put the original. Drove exedy at some stage ... Native lives longer rides softer
.tsep 14401, the PNA-004
.Natyazhitel 14510-PRB-A01
.Uspokoitel 14520, the PNA-003
.Napravlyayuschaya 14530-PNA-003
.shesternya 14310-RBC-003
.zvezdochka 14210-PRB-A00
To put only the original
.gtss: 46920- S7A-A03 from civic em1 46920-S5A-G06 - type holds more pressure
put analogue ... feeling that not squeeze through, better than the original do not know
.Svechi NGK IFR7G-11KS or DENSO SK22PR-M11S
.alternator belt (38920-PRC-023) 7PK1727
.solednoid Conder 38924-PND-006
.mufta Conder 38900-PND-006
If noise Conder - first check the bearing. It costs a penny
.kryshka on the release of 17121-PRB-A11
In parsing kryha costs 1000, there is better to take
.rezinka oil cap 90207-RAA-A00
.shkiv crankshaft 13810-RRB-A01 (13810-PRC-003)
oil pressure .datchik 37240-PT0-014
.podshipnik conditioner easier to search by parameters. 35h50h20. Native NTN is sealed.
.graphite ring onto the exhaust manifold 18229-SP0-003 + 795 901 under the spring bolt which
Suitable from Toyota some (771,965), but the sound oozes traktora.Postavil Original
.trubka Conder 80331-S6M-A01
.prokladka valve cover 12030PNC000
.oporny bearing 51726-S5A-004

at repair should be replaced
91343PNC003 131re Seal, Rubber №9
91344PNC003 119re Seal, Slipper №10
91345PAAA01 50 O-Ring (13.0x1.9) №11 (91345RDAA01)
91346PLA003 82 O-Ring (23.8x2.4) №12
91347PAAA01 53 O-Ring (16.7x1.8) №13
91347PLA003 69 O-Ring (12.7x1.8) №14
91348P2A003 72 O-Ring (51.0x2.4) №15
91349PNCJ01 137 Seal, Pump Cover №16
91349PNC003 138 Seal B, Pump Cover №17
91345RJL003 93
56110-PND-003 GUR honda dc5
56100-PNA-J03 GUR honda stream
56110-PNC-023 GUR honda stepWGN
56110-PNB-003,56110-PNB-013 Power Steering CR-V

.sab 39122-S6M-A11 (column)
.Amplifier 39166-S6M-A11
.usilok 39186-S6M-A01
.magnitola 1TJ2 BOSE 6CD, Room - CQ-EH9160A 39100-S6M-A100, MATSUSHITA C2CBHG000069
.ignition unit Xenon 33119-S6M-003 W3T13072W3T15671 W3T16271 W3T19371 W3T20971 W3T19071 8301C042
from Mitsubishi Code: 33119-TA0-00, 38301A769, 8301C042, 8301A769, 8301C043, W3T19371, W3T18271, W3T16271
codes from Mazda:. D530 51 0H3, D530-51-0H3, D530510H3, 8301B203, 8301A098, 8301A769 ZZVF ZV769A
.motor stove 79307-S6M-A42.
the same set at prelude bb6, subaru impreza, toyota celica.
If you cram on the farm devyatosa.
From the ITR can take, but the blades are directed in the opposite direction,
take the old impeller and at Dryga change the polarity of the
.Lambda Denso 234-9005 (9006 for the machine)
36532PRC004 - honda catalog
36532PRBA11 - acura catalog
.kanadsky spidak 78100-S6M-c412-m1 Restayl 78120-S6M-Q22
From spidakami there is a dependence on the speed sensor. Not glades chip meritverno odometer, speed -10
.lampochki (Panel) neo-wedge 35851-S6M-A01, 35851-S5A-A01, 35850-S6M-A01, 35871-S3N-901
T1 or bulb antennae 2-2.5 cm.
The easiest way to buy a 12V diodes and insert the bulb.
cheap and nice
The mechanism of the central lock 72,155-S5P-A11 (left)
on ebey much cheaper. Year running smoothly
.maslo move in! Honda 5w30 08232P99D3HMR 08232P99D1HMR 5l 1l.
.honda mtf III.
It is necessary to refresh the time by Speck in a box of copper, should be protected. One can not pour Idemitsu - kill copper synchronously
.plastmasska buttons window 83561-S6M-A01ZA
.klipsa disposable 91560- S84-A01 16.3,18.6,9.6
.klipsa bumper 91503-SZ3-003 cap diameter 19.7, height 25.4, the central diameter of 9.7

piece of iron, gum and so on. n.
.Left-Hand Drive 44306-S6M-J50
the thickness of the stick 26 mm
length xs,
Outside pomegranate - 32 slot on a stick,
on the most grenade splines 28,
on the internal splines 27 and a diameter of 29mm slots where
.SHRUS - 44014-S7A-952
Febest 0310033A50
Nipparts J2824136
URW 2108054N
GSP 823 118
i'll take Nipparts
.pads front brake (the catalog NISSIN 123W to 110W ass)
(dvuporshnevye Ferrodo Racing DS2500 (FCP1561H))
45022-S6M-J52 - INTEGRA TYPE R dvuporshnevye
45022-S6M-A00 - RSX-S, a drawing by single piston
PF-8423 (NPO-123W-SA) NISSIN, another NPO-136W (civic ep3)
to ride on NISSIN. Overheating, but short enough race.
were used FERODO ... vesch!
.rear pads NPO-110W-SB
BREMBO P56047 - bought (rubbish)
If you fit ...
FERODO FCP1561H DS2500 pads front for NISSAN 350Z (BREMBO)
FERODO FCP1430H DS2500 brake pads front for NISSAN S13 / S15 / 350Z (not-BREMBO)
.Diski brake
before the runoff: 45251-S6M-A10 (6778.21 re) type R 45251-S6M -J61 (13096.52)
rear stock 42510-SEB-000 (10693.15 pe) type R 42510-S6M-J50 (8124.93)
DBA 4000
dixel HS
Endless e-slit
Mtec brakes
Brembo 09.9544.10 (2751)
ATE 24010907091
Advised ATE. I will take
. Jack 89310S3VA01
. Lower ball joints (51220-S5A-003 or 51220-S5A-305)
Ball to take only the original two-year, season to kolah - all beam
.rulevye rod 53541-S6M-000, an analog ep3 53521-S5A-003
they can be very sensitive and take poekonomit analogues
.nakonechniki 53541- S7A-003
Tips of steering traction - do not fit on the civic ep3
fit from Honda Stream
.Back hub 42200-S7A-008 analog.. NTN
into the family - also NTN
.rear stabilizer bushings 52306-S6M-A01 (52306-S6M-A62)
.vtulki front stabilizer (51306-S6M-005)
.perednie silent blocks of front lever (51391-S6M-J01)
. rear silent blocks of front lever (51392-S5A-004)
Rubber better to take polyurethane. Cheaper and safer
.zerkalo left 76,253-S6M-A21 with Integra 76,253-S6M-J21.
With DC5 fabric can be placed, it is only necessary to cut the pin
You can remove the fabric, giving the mirror in the heavens and prying the bottom otverkoy
at the same time berezhm LCP plastic by placing a ruler or fabric
from the bottom two latches on top of the slots ... otsegnuv latch further directed upwards and pull
window to unstick itself better with a hair dryer and rulers ... with difficulty, but comes unstuck
.trossik parking brake 47510-S6M-023 47560-S6M-033 (pravyylevy)
It is better to take with parsing. Require gallery rope, it is important that the winding has a whole over the entire length
.speed sensor itr (78410-S7A-G01) rsx (78410-S6M-N01) are not interchangeable.
.shesternya this itr sensor (78,415-S7A-G01) rsx (78,415-S7A-G01)
They say it is more than the sensor dies. It should be cheaper
.opora rsx front pillars (51920-S6M-J02 / 51925-S6M-J02) itr (51920-S5A-751/51925-S6M-014)
thrust bearing and stand cushion fit from ep3
.remkomplekt forward support 01463-S2A-000
.porshen forward support 45216-S5A-J01
.remkomplekt rear calipers 01473-SV4-000
.Back brake pistons (43215-SM4-951)

.screws 95701-08045-08 8 * 45
.upory boot 04746-S6M-Z00 (04,746-S6M-010):
Stock DC5 to 430mm long, the course of about 150-155mm
. GS10390 - 700N force, length 418mm, stroke 155mm - purchased
Two winter on them.. Shikardos

the gaps
K20 (except motors K20a2 and K20z1 Civic TypeR and Si - there are gaps in K24)
inlet: 0,21-0,25
issue: 0,28-0,32
K24 (K24 engines except on American and Arab chords and CRV, there are gaps like K20)
inlet: 0,21-0,25
issue: 0,25 - 0,29

brake discs
Porting 114.3 x 5 holes
Thickness - 25 mm
diameter - 300 mm
Height - 60 (46,1)
950 mm circumference

Self diagnostics :
1) paper clips;
2) Searchdiagnostic connector;
3) Gently closable 4 and 9 pins of the diagnostic OBD-II connector;
4) Turn the ignition;
5) consider and write flashing lights on the dashboard (SRS, ABS, VSA, EPS, Check),
long blinking - tens and short - units
(example: SRS light blinked continuously 9 times and 2 times short,
thus error code 92);
6) to receive codes to decipher Online
(enter the code and press decipher);
7) Look decoding results, and choose the code of the corresponding system, an error

Racks from DC5 :
back - turns more silent over the bottom, you can put your own
front - steering tips from Civic fail because under mounting holes
have more

manual transmission 6-mortar
Native X2M5 GP 4.389; 1-3.266; 2-2.13; 3-1.517; 4-1.147; 5-0.921; 6-0.738
Worth Y2M3 GP 4.764; 1-3.266; 2-2.13; 3-1.517; 4-1.212; 5-0.972; 6-0.78

collapse PCX -2 nominally!

Before 6050 back 50
Back like and climb to 70, he was there for the scenery
PSBudu complement and correct. You could accidentally make parts of kamryuhi or Dodge.

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