Oh guys))) Do the 30,000

Oh guys))) Do the 30,000

So did that and left without his pants ... planned maintenance in ... 10 000 rub turns into 44,000! )))))
That drove up to the house himself slightly shocked.
Well if everything in order for the planned 7t.rub. I added wipers, gum stub. front + back and pads in front, all original, as a result came 21500rub plus guys put me branded housekeeper mangers as a gift (a trifle but nice)
work scheduled for 10000rub and at the last moment it was decided not to ride on Sevastopol and go to Aoyama to Bohr, as it is literally across the road, and to be honest about this salon from time immemorial, the vital aura and reliable way first! Honda dealer in Russia, by the way with the highest rating on the Japanese classification. In general it was decided to go there, after much torture managers of bodies on the topic of quality specialists in the Acura and the extent to which they support the guarantee, etc.
By the way it turned out that they are trained regularly on the subject of service is Acura's warranty and support not just and even more serious and loyal than avtorusi.
arrived, said at all about all 2 hours (in fact happened 3, but the work was a little more than) ... in fact found a couple of chips on the car and fixed it, saying that the machine so ideally it should be at least something to write)))) straight balm for the soul. According to the service clearly and quickly struck all (and what most worried -svezhest software for the automatic transmission and all other systems) have proved to be a new firmware for the ABS and a new automatic transmission fluid ... and generally they are regularly checked against the main base of the Honda and get all updates .
is the first pleasant surprise - and the guys it's a bomb ... a box at all differently ... went much softer, it was not after THEN push more than one. the first time I clearly felt a software update.

but sadly I still sentenced and rear pads eventually got another 8000r. and by the end of the MOT gave 21500r
added to the parts I bought it turns ... 43 000 rub.
Now sit smoke bamboo))) all the money spent on beer)))))

P.S. Warranty ordered diode light bulb in the rear-view mirror left ... that illuminates the entrance to the car

and by the way the sleeve stubs I do not proved to be useful to my ideally and replacement is not required.

P.S.S. They hung some new MDX on the service ... so there are many serviced Acura

P.S.S.S. Later, after leaving work at the hairpin with a prolonged standing to MKAD snow again kayfanul aggressively zarulivaya and giving gas held in a non-stop drifting and under 30-40 degrees pretty extended part turning, I was on the 2nd gear (on the petals), but the funny thing in the NORMAL and no off EPS (chem rate stability) ... Shoot setting the sewer ride Akure course are divine ... even without the extra dance tambourines with buttons you can get pleasure from driving!

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