The issue of linkage and …

The issue of linkage and ...

Such questions were drew:
1). The temperature is now at -50 somewhere, and this is where it started to -30, with a garage left, the clutch pedal usual, drove up the road, 2,3,4 ... 6, 6 kilometers traveled 4, you need to switch, depress the clutch, and almost ohrinel, pedal press went with effort niherovym threw the pedal in place, she returned a second 2, tight really began, read, talk with people, someone says that it is absolutely normal, that is frozen, pier design features, I had heard them a thousand times that the machine is old, not to the north, the other said that if you change the muck, it will help, and that old sayslost their properties, it is one?
2). Laziness close than the thread of the radiator grille, score or close, that is the question?
3). On the drive on the wheel to the right rear of the 7 spokes snapped, looking Honda's 1 / akurovsky drive, R17
4). Are there any nits sill a little bit even be higher than these, sooo hard on our roads to ride all the rides in the courtyards clean for UAZ)) from the road into the yard drop 15 centimeters, as a thread sfotkayu possible.

PS I wondered dump from the ranks Acuravodov and buy a Subaru, SSA service only once make up my mind immediately shifts.

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