The overall picture for a half year of operation … and Japan is Japan.

The overall picture for a half year of operation ... and Japan is Japan.

Since the purchase flown almost half years old and did not say a lot of things happened, but some changes had to be msto) and so! The first is of course it was already 2 times to change oil and Idemitsu PDA always on top! Replace brake pads, and then collated, bulkhead and grease calipers) Hawk pads set (an excellent combination of price and quality) in my opinion. Long sex with the exhaust pipe lay exclusively with its neipravilnym rapolozheniem, iz-za which it hung very low and cling almost everything after deshmanskoy perevarki it for the first time, then kakim-to miracle she fell off and I priloshlos address this issue koordinalno, it was purchased stainless steel, corrugated, bends well and accordingly work in full swing, thanks to the guys from RaceBro all very well done and put on a legal place) in since the car is already horlshy regular sound from Bose, the music was not intended to do anything, if only no one IF, on the way from Sochi to Moscow burnedStandard subwoofer and listening without the music chtalo unbearable (in truth I was easier to ride in general without music) and I started iskptt currently active subwoofer to rid himself and the car from unnecessary wires and uiliteley in the trunk), my choice fell on the Ural) ) honestly if only knew that he bludgeons not bought to him, but different individuals to sabam little bit weaker wrote his alleged voobscheine heard and a complete fkflo ... Blah me from this deep in the tube collapsed and something about him tozhemkto once wrote, he nedotyagivaet short ... to each his own) is also compatible muzykaltnye procedures ... We decided to changeanother connecting link (since the old was specifically podushatana) change change but the knob of the switch could not be removed, it landed on the host before last sealant! Fuck your mother! Below I could barely cut killogram 5 tape ... Kolkhoznik! So much mat otimenya probably no one heard, until I BME is filmed) ordered a new rueoyatku, and makeshift bought 6 Lada for 50p and she stood perfectly!))) Well, here's to turn New Year's brake adjustment and regular oil changes)) )). Do not be surprised I did not travel a lot, I'm sorry to 4-5k run) all flat roads!)

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