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Tests in Smolensk – without the time

Last Wednesday, at 3 am we started towards Smolensk, for filming automotive programs and magazines. Weather happy with his -1 (we understand that keeps tires from five), but an agreement is an agreement, and at 7 am we were already on the track, bringing his dream to sacrifice the art)) Since the track was no one…
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Tests in Smolensk – 1: 53,763

Yesterday we spent the whole day on the tests in Smolensk. This is the 4th exit on the tests, and the first exit onto the track with long straight. Best time 1:53.763 Tests have shown the need to replace the 4 mortars and 5-speed transmission, on the lines (as opposed to Ryazan) lacks the 4th…
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Tests in Myachkovo – 1: 55,390

In the last week we have chosen to track Myachkovo, to check and adjust. As shown in Myachkovo 4 mortar is enough margin even 15 km / h on the straight is The best time of 1:. 55.39
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