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Killed My Legend! My wife went for the cases, the man went to the krastny light ... unlucky! Sorry for the machine, most likely longer RL is not already in the family, except the last generation! Very best machine, comfort just on top, interior just fly away, but the dynamics have certainly not that! now…
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New filters and cabin kondeya

short podvanivalo of Conder, and decided to change the filter. Everything is done very simply, removed a box bordachka followed immediately by a white cap under which is hidden the two filters Places install filters Part number of filters, there are 2 pieces of
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Purchase and waiting a month

And here exactly one month I needed to collect items throughout Russia and deliver them to Minsk. One of these days will come last posting (hood) 1. Lights found in Stavropol (8000) 2. The bumper with lip found in Yaroslavl (6000) 3. Wings ings + 1 (the replica) in Moscow (8000) 4. Hood from Nakhodka…
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