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More so I will not … :) Directions

Hello everyone. Immediately begin to justify only recently pereobulsya the summer of ... business, family, travel, etc. Of course, I already suspected that the pads are over ... but was shocked when I saw this is here on such Kolodochka traveled no comments new discs have been ordered:) Rezya after the season - a verypleased…
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The disc navigation

After the battery replacement, faced with such a problem, as the disk error. He discovered that there is no navigation disc. He tried to burn it, but No results. Can anyone have the original disc navigation Honda / Acura, to activate the screen?
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I have come to change the oil, and then it started …

Has come to change the oil, the term came, and after the replacement of cracked bellows, which goes from the air filter to the throttle, it was necessary to change the oil. Oil this time Idemitsu, before it was Motul. Motul I trust more, but take it dumb Russia and Poland became cosmically expensive. A…
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