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A trifle but nice

I'm sitting here as usual on the parts website and find an interesting illustration of (I should say in the car front floor is not illuminated). Driver's side at number 1 signed lights feet blue Passenger side number 2 is the same Well dressed, took the keys climbed and found just such a piece That's…
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hellish circle of salt and liquid and have a dusting of dried. Wash before warming useless and frost for at least another week. So reluctantly and tearfully go on such zamuhryshki. What will happen to the roads - even scary to think. on a low-profile ride dangerously Already, on his way to the office I…
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The first is that in the plans

PALIROVKA! From the former owner of the body was in a very bad condition, I just can not look at these small scratch, each the time when her my own, so this is the first thing I do in the nearest future.
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