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A trifle but nice

I'm sitting here as usual on the parts website and find an interesting illustration of (I should say in the car front floor is not illuminated). Driver's side at number 1 signed lights feet blue Passenger side number 2 is the same Well dressed, took the keys climbed and found just such a piece That's…
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Oh, hee hee, or 22 l / 100km =)

Nearly two months have passed since the purchase, I decided to look at the on-board computer consumption readings for this time. Nuuu ... horror! =) Urban cycle, start-stop a sharp departure from the first traffic lights -. 10.7mpg (or almost 22 liters) 3.7 V6 can eat On the RDX with the 2.3 turbo with the…
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Toyota Camry and Acura Tl

traveled in two cars in a single day was apsolyutno different impressions on kemri feel like a ship soft, quiet and a little dull to disperse the same day moved to the Acura confidence seat support and the desire to drive at an intersection 100 has a mean one the same person on different machines…
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