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A trifle but nice

I'm sitting here as usual on the parts website and find an interesting illustration of (I should say in the car front floor is not illuminated). Driver's side at number 1 signed lights feet blue Passenger side number 2 is the same Well dressed, took the keys climbed and found just such a piece That's…
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generator Repair

After a trip to Moscow, lost battery charging, lit error appeared extraneous noise from the generator . Gene removed, and today I'm taking to repair. One photo on the memory of the company itself GENERATOR Denco, (Honda C5E92 / 5G) think the same as on the chord. Where to go? Minsk about 40 hundred, and…
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Wheel drive taxis

Well, the beginning of the rains, in places with snow, once again convinced that the SH-AWD is almost "Mast keV." Going himself as on rails, startuesh without a hint of wheelspin and excellent handling. Of course, the distance to the front walking increased since to inhibition of four-wheel drive has nothing to do, and ABS…
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