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housing oven

Shortly before the onset of cold weather, he began to freeze in the cabin. Hot air does not enter or where the driver's side. Took to repair and that's what it turned out ... Here such here nishtyaki left my last host) housing for demolition did not find necessary to do so:)
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Sensor, finally.

It was possible to purchase a new sensor, because it is very old began to "love" his head in the cold for more than 20 degrees, the sensor does not work at all. The main grooves in the sensor is to coincide with spetsotverstiem, as will be trouble. In my case, used stump line) everything…
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Nothing new to anyone hope not! There avtoteplo specifically for our engines with a cutout for the alternator belt ... This was honestly learned recently)) and on this decided to upgrade their old torn which was without the cutout! I stupidly straight the edge to the belt, which is not particularly something and it was…
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