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My first 1500 miles in 6 weeks

So, got his hands still write the first impressions of my first car. At Acura go for 6 weeks, 5 tank is nearly empty, and more than 1500 miles behind. Speaking of driving dynamics, then there will be brief, because everything is up to me saying, taxiing at the height of the motor, as for…
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We subscribe to new prerasprekrasneyshy car!

If someone else remembers, but I remember that one of the first that made on this machine is itself sealed chrome I glued the usual matte film. But that old rake, because there are much more interesting to NEW In its current chord, I decided to move away from the tradition of pasting matte film…
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Replacement pads and round the little trouble with the rear wheels

When I tire, I noticed very bad "drawing" on the rear-right drive. Here this area of ​​contact: ( close this It contributed to the replacement of all the pads, because he will always know when was the replacement. printout forward, that before was 50% worn out and did not have much choice with back) I…
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