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My first 1500 miles in 6 weeks

So, got his hands still write the first impressions of my first car. At Acura go for 6 weeks, 5 tank is nearly empty, and more than 1500 miles behind. Speaking of driving dynamics, then there will be brief, because everything is up to me saying, taxiing at the height of the motor, as for…
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I put on record

Finally =) Tomorrow we will go to change the standard room on the square for the rear does not fit in any way.
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Guys car is sold! Much more interesting with a new car!

Hello to all who have signed on this machine! I direct very constantly amazed that Acura is still constantly signed by enough people. So guys, I can not have more than to please, yes and myself as the new modifications of this machine ... BUT ... I now have a nEW mACHINE , and it…
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