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assistance audience

Guys pilots tell me today on the occasion got geared starter, photo attached to it flyanets under the seat, the question is, whether there is at avievskih starters Bendix 11 teeth , I just personally do not remember, remember 9 10, remember to have, 11 times are not met, -who say that?
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Well, cut off, slowly began to engage in, an amazing car, not working chego.Ne not start, no brakes, gearbox repair, no parking brake, the tires all the dead, all that should work on electricity does not work, paint booth, the body change, the animal was found kayf.V body, this kid we brought along with the…
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fix the generator!

So since diesel is put tugovato! glow plugs are not present, and termostart Candle does not work, let my father came up with 24 volts. Two Batteries in series! outcome exploded diodes in the generator, all thought kapets. I read on the generator is written khate eureka means we have to put! jogging in vases…
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