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Hey all, well, that's scraped away in the yard, moved the A31 in terms of cabin from the A21 (the one that cr) GAZ-51 bar, and of all sorts of small things
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ICE 3.3 l

happened, friends I have discovered metal acceptance, and of calling when there is something interesting, then the dural rissevera drove, the round wood with copper and stainless steel, now N-face Chinese decommissioned driven under its own power on Jun met, acceptors were told not to take the entire rezhte-, lamentable outcome kitaychika cut at all,…
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assistance audience

Guys pilots tell me today on the occasion got geared starter, photo attached to it flyanets under the seat, the question is, whether there is at avievskih starters Bendix 11 teeth , I just personally do not remember, remember 9 10, remember to have, 11 times are not met, -who say that?
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