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Cheat GGG rating

Good day to those who survived, has sobered up and crawled to the computer: D I want to congratulate all the with the New 2017 Year! This year, the I wish each achieve all of which failed to reach the the previous year, good health yourself and loved ones, suitcase of money only good mood!…
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The new bulbs

Changed to yura161russ Bulbs more yellow they have good light in fog and in wet weather. Downloads in the near and the far, but far not yet been changed, it is necessary to cut the old connectors, and put the new ones. Since the old connectors (which is inserted into the bulb) poplavilis And they…
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Happy New Year motorists!

I wish you smooth roads, clean green corridors, not a nail is not a wand more tuning more horses under the hood, tail wind and adrenaline of driving! Take care of yourself and your iron horse, and he will respond with the same, all the happiness, love, happiness, health, and positive in the new year…
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