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Present at ng

Finally, it's my donor wing zhlya kupeshki, it is certainly not Idel but tinsmith said that all the fire that actually is good news, it remains to purchase the little things, and start:))
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Modifying the cage! Putty, smoothing, fitting, painting

putty all the corners, joints and transitions the port is not touched left in the sealant because with it remains to be not a little work. Skomutirovali subs again checked everything. after painting and photo decoration! Stickers used as trafaretov.Kak ready to paint not Fota because nothing interesting in that there
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Replacing the coolant pipes and hoses.

winter start somewhere to leave the coolant. So that was flooded last master I did not know. It was therefore decided me all the coolant pipes and hoses at the same time. What we need: 1) Coolant Sintec ANTIFREEZE LUX G12 - 760r - 10kg 2) Distilled water 10l - 140r 3) 7 minute flush…
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