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Pulled. Cure. Went.

In general, friends, stood almost 4 days in the parking lot, the machine went for treatment to my friend Vita in garage cooperative "Pobeda". It is located on the other by me end of town, and about 20 km I was pulling on a tie the driver, who gave me one of the enterprises, which…
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Soon go sideways

Comrades, allow readers to report motorist parking brake cable replaced. Zhigulist Alex.)))) Write that as a yes not see any sense by the fact that everything is simple as ABC, let's photos show. Check the number of clicks Useful Exsclusive mark IV also was with us Peace to all
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documents (temporary)

Good evening! At the head sat down to one question, clear answer on which I could not find on their own, because I ask for help from you. We are past the host issued a DCT, all documents for the car in my arms Problem:. Draw cars on Questions:.? 1) Do I need this machine…
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