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And what about Dorothy?

I decided to take in all nearly 3 and a half years "deuce". Distilled from the storage space in your garage, even though both surpassed say. The machine on the segment did not want to go. Front brake cylinders soured completely. The garage had to delay the hoist. In general, recorded with another car in…
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– How many? – 10 th -. I leave.

History of the purchase of the shed is no different from buying any cheap junk. Found on the famous online ads deuce, phoned, I recognize the final price and asking fellow kvzc to help with transportation of the scrap, set out. But the path is not close enough, more than 200 km in one direction.…
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They took off the paint

Style Rat Look implies a rust, corrosion, and other elements of the old cars. It was decided to remove the paint from the car. I was sure that everything would be just took grinders and forth. But it was not there. Not only that, the car was covered with several layers of paint, so 80%…
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