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– Suspension, Brakes, Body Enhancement

- With the change of the motor, it is necessary to affect at least the basic units - In the braking system:. - Vakoumé of Lucas, two-chamber, from the fox)) - Oh what taptaletki)) Before Grant R15 ventilated sport. Carriages Volga (for which a special thank you Ibrashke!) - Nults Back, ventilireumye R14, caliper Prior…
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"New" wheel

small but very welcome upgrade. install the adapter, and bystrosem ala sports steering wheel, the way of it, strong enough, endured my jumping on the intervals when Zhiguli bent literally in the hands and lying on her lap on a sufficiently solid .Nesmotrya departure, hand position was very convenient, just have to reach for the…
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Happy New Year

Hello! According to the car for a long time I did not do anything used to take every day. Here it is time to spend it. engaged in improving the headlights and slightly protresti chassis. In light was all sad. On lamps accounted for 8 volts. I took directly with the battery through releshki all…
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