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Engine Repair Part 2

Assemble engine bottom, piston United Motors. cylinder head is also subjected to a thorough intervention, installed new rails, valve and MSK, plane milled. The head just threw, put in place will have under the hood, so it is easier and more convenient. not spared and checkpoint will be set 5 level of reserves husband, also…
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Evening session with a psychologist.

Hello In general, who said that the 17th year will be better -. I am sincerely happy for you. I have it nifiga not better. For the last day, in the evening I had a condition that would like to have me shot ... like a mad horse, purely out of pity. The day 2…
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Zelenka has gone on his last journey. ZeLёNka project closed

here and it's time. ZeLёNka. Last breath of green fodder. The engine is removed. Project "Zelenka" officially closed. Three went to the analysis. It was cool time with you and the bright moments will remain forever in my memory. Thank vases 2103 1976 model year. You made my summer and opdarila bunch of emotions, different…
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