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So I got to the BZ. During this time, went over almost the entire chassis and changed a lot of small things and not only Here is a list of the code replacement horrible:. - brake hoses (front, rear), - jet thrust, - steering linkage, - pendulum, - Tross parking brake, - rear brake pads,…
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Front mud flaps from Grants classics

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Put the front mudguards of the Lada Grant in the back, looks neater than with catabatic) put elementary, as finally clipped the front wing flaps)
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That door threshold

Good day! Sorry, that was missing a period, I will load and show what is happening with my car. At the moment, we replaced the threshold and put the door. The door is prepared for painting, while I decide some details about the cabin. after hitting machine stood for almost a month. I drove to…
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