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Christmas present for

and decided to make a car a little present for Christmas, it is as pleasant and delu.V generally bought the carpet in the trunk, not Persian course, but at least it will be better than it was with the aesthetic and the practical side. . . And yet, just in case I took poddomkratniki as…
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Roadmap 13 "

continues to delight yourself with gifts, that bought 13 "wheels production" road map ", while there are other beautiful options vozmozhnost.Zhal style Eurodisk not cut off, and vases, and I do not krkz nravyatsya.Zachem I took them, and then to put on shoes on they mastevye 18575R13C I-427. . . . . .
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So I got to the BZ. During this time, went over almost the entire chassis and changed a lot of small things and not only Here is a list of the code replacement horrible:. - brake hoses (front, rear), - jet thrust, - steering linkage, - pendulum, - Tross parking brake, - rear brake pads,…
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