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Replacing decorative nozzles on exhaust pipes

In connection with the appearance of "Toys" in order handle our workshop reached and decorative nozzles on exhaust pipes which in connection with the age of cars and the climate impact of the region where she had previously lived in the decor appeared nozzles corrosion chromium, but as it turned out later, and the metal…
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Exhaust Part 1.

When the war with chrome exhaust tips has attracted the attention of the rusty condition of the exhaust system, which for two days gave me no peace. Generally after procuring a sheet of stainless steel, it was decided to restore the exhaust system by adding a little typewriter sports notes in the exhaust sound. As…
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Exhaust Part 2 or the end of a rusty muffler!

Four days in our custom-shop "Badcustomshead" were not in vain, and finally the long-awaited final phase of the war with the exhaust, and stainless steel in particular, and the opportunity to listen to the the true voice of "Toys". Made of stainless steel fastening came as rodnenky. Restored fireproof protection of the muffler, which for…
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