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Dimensions in turn signals

There was free time and I paid attention to the fact that at my MGF-ke on the occasion of the turn signals white, not orange, as in others, they decided zadublirovat dimensions. Armed with a soldering iron, chuck for dimensions, wire and shrink these things started to act. In turn signals to make a hole…
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The fine finishing touch

set a new gearshift knob from the MG TF. in addition to her new cable set Switching PPC bought for the pattern cover on the retractable roof (black were expensive, no beige). Since it made a new cover))) is not strutting old.
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Replacing decorative nozzles on exhaust pipes

In connection with the appearance of "Toys" in order handle our workshop reached and decorative nozzles on exhaust pipes which in connection with the age of cars and the climate impact of the region where she had previously lived in the decor appeared nozzles corrosion chromium, but as it turned out later, and the metal…
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