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Day Moskvich 2016

So I went to the bottom of the Muscovite, my friend, a frequenter of the event brought their different machines, this time brought Kalita. You show yourself and others watched, did not participate in the rally, at the entrance to the representative of the organizers said, "that you have a car?" :-). Well, some photos…
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Inspection and drying cabin

16.09.2016. Here, finally, 423 again had a roof over his head. a long presence in the open air is not the best way affected the car. In the past, he got from the children - dents on the roof. And from the rain - corrosion on the feathers and external elements of the Friday it…
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Restored grille

Fast tale affects, but not quickly deal done. was found and bought, broken grille and two assembled one. Next taillights, and on spring will be cooking gas tank, and you can make a test check.
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