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The problem with connecting the ignition!

break off the ignition key in the lock and the lock native azlk- put a new vases! Now the problem is that when you put the key on the 3-position relay clicks and when're jamming the machine is at position 1 also click Relay! Stranded as a result of accumulators! Per night saditsya.Vopros - how…
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Removal of a torpedo and plans for the repairs.

I decided to start to disassemble the cabin to pick up in places by rust primed and painted, for the seal to the salon did not get the water to ring wiring for troubleshooting; and to make soundproofing. Another plan sheathe torpedo skin, but the service is not cheap services in the area of ​​$…
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Order nishtyak for PPC Gigot

Hello dear subscribers and a Visitor to this page! slowly cook cosmic to install Tazo CAT. so at this the time necessary to go through Transmission 2107 5CT. wait adapter plate and shaft drive under the Tazo PPC. buy oil in gearbox and change after a partition prices: PPC-3000 rubles, under the Tazo cardan PPC-3000…
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