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Soviet Snowflake 2

I appeal to those who wrote and still write negative reviews are about the Soviet tires snowflake. Basically I did not change them for any other and checked them in snow and ice, and cold -30 ... want to write a positive review. The car goes well. For 1.5 months only once a bit has…
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furnace case

Another pechkokorch built and spent another and maintenance here you can look how I installed the fan from shevrolenivy barrel is all good but down at the feet of vseravno was somehow weak. so I was a little thought decided to change the design fan had to be set as close as possible to the wall…
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Oil leaking from the transaxle

Here, in the cold season, you squeeze the clutch, start the engine, release the on neytralke grip and do not feel the load on the engine (the engine speed does not fall) because of viscosity. Then in the box it does not exist!
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