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Order nishtyak for PPC Gigot

Hello dear subscribers and a Visitor to this page! slowly cook cosmic to install Tazo CAT. so at this the time necessary to go through Transmission 2107 5CT. wait adapter plate and shaft drive under the Tazo PPC. buy oil in gearbox and change after a partition prices: PPC-3000 rubles, under the Tazo cardan PPC-3000…
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Povarka part 1

In general for a long time I will not write, Started bortirovat ear winter and saw that Langeron in place resor fixing rotted in general in the court of the winter, cold in the garage is not much heat, so come to the decision to remove the tank and put on both sides of corner…
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illumination of salon

Well as I promised photos interior lighting, appliances. If something will understand, not to This is red (open door) with blue light echo With the outbreak of photos without flash ... camera, and capture all teleHvon snimal.Pytalsya, so some sort of photo diodes odinakovye.Krasnye to open the doors or the trunk, and blue diodes on…
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