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Record №21 "Aluminum sills"

Well, here come the winter, my first winter as a motorist. It would be desirable that it passed without incident. Writing mostly about porozhki that I wanted to set the first day of ownership Muscovites. There was a desire, but there was no threshold, as soon as I bought them immediately tightened. Thresholds b /…
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Finally I brought to mind

And here so I did not tear away from the car, when I'm in the heat it repaired ... that ksenon.horoshaya shtuka.Sravnival with native bulbs (not halogen, namely light bulbs) - do not know how my dad and our parents in my time with them we went ... ... well, a complete overhaul engine (native…
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Gas EUR 4 (Part 1)

Screenshot phone connect))) Here it is handsome General view of hello everyone. Today bought at Dragon minikomplekt HBO 4 generation company lpg tech. Version tech one. For 115 euros. Reducer Tomasetto Alaska AT09, injectors Valtek 3om. The price is very pleasant. Who should I advise where he took))) why I chose this, I have to…
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