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And what kind of oil to pour it?

a long time did not write a lot of things and a lot of worries, but will make up for Who puzzled choice of oil, as the machine is almost assembled and it would be necessary to ride: -.) On the Internet, namely, Online AZLK stated: also there to answer questions on Moskvich cars said…
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photo on the time of purchase

perekopirovat on one picture for a long time, inserted into the text of the link does not work, so share a link to the album looked like the car at the time of purchase 0
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Hot Rod and custom calendar 2013, own creativity.

So, a new calendar - new ideas. At this time everything is going deeper into the present: the calendar is dedicated to hot delivery and custom bikes on the basis of the Soviet classic cars (everything except the "Zhiguli") Favorite Plant "Moskvich" is the fourth volume - 3 months.. The processing craftsmen were 401 th,…
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