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The victory over the body.

Finally, almost all tin over. It remains only to punch holes for chrome fasteners and washers on the muzzle and forth in the painting! The front fenders were made of good standard and rusty export, thanks again for the welder skill. General view of the variegated turned out, but it is temporary:) painter come in…
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Change the oil and evaluate the scale of the disaster.

So for they were bought: motor oil LUKOIL GENESIS ARMORTECH A5B5 5W-May 30 liters. (Serve as a wash, and later move on to the Elf); transmission oil Elf TRANSELF TYPE B 80W90 GL-5 June l;. NGK spark, oil and fuel filter (motor filter replaced earlier in the bodywork). first problem when replacing the oil and…
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Original Novodel or emblems – which is better?

Gemini - brothers, although it grandson and grandfather During a visit last car exhibition retro in Sokolniki on. stand "Retrodetali" Novodel nakapotnaya emblem was acquired for Nezhdanchika. Coming home remembered that somewhere in there and stash the original emblem, found 3 years ago in the collapse of the junk on the opening day in Izmailovo.…
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