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Novodel parts.

Offer Novodel gum: 1. Elastic bands on the "helicopter" 402-1001052 "Laying the cross back support", Scheme number 22. They fit to the model 402, 407, 403, 408, 412 and 2140 Muscovites. Kit 4 pcs. 3 = 50 p., E-mail from Moscow paid additionally. 2. Rubber wipers on shafts (only for 402-407-403) Scheme № 35. In…
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Photos in a position to buy parts. 1

Photo in a position to buy h. 1 badge on the trunk lid General view of General view of General view General view Disochki Salon instrument cluster combinationinstruments ochechnik door front left Shop door rear left Sill Ceiling interior Handle the ceiling backLeft Operating Instructions
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What are you?

«What are you?» Many of you will remember this phrase, saying hero Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "Predator». it is spun in my head, when I arrived and began to carefully consider your purchase. Remembering the description of the "upgrades" grandfather (the first owner of the car) from BZ previous owner I knew that Muscovites…
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