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New donor – 423 of Borisoglebsk

Friday on fresh Autocart waved with another 600 km. in Borisoglebsk. In the pics quite lively 423rd proavansirovan I was in the summer, it's time to pick up. The spectacle of nature was much sadder - a avtotrup. Taken only in order to not to go empty. But suddenly discovered in the garage nice parts,…
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The third donor "Hero of Donbass" in Donetsk. Part 1.

I'll be greedy. Good to be greedy. Everyone decides for himself. But for me personally, greed - the engine of progress, as the other sloth Preamble: 4 years ago on the Ukrainian site I found very interesting was the announcement of the sale of the 423rd Moskvich in Donetsk in good condition and with the…
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gifts for Kalita

This post is for informational purposes, it will be updated and will be posted here on the message found to restore Kalita spare parts: 1. Airbag with an emblem. On my posters was not.
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