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1 + 1 = 1

assembled gear starter from a friend with cornfields More from that year on the starter torn or grind the plastic ring in the gearbox, and everything else was living about taking his body with magnets assembled his starter-or rather replace a broken part. (Photo gallery at beginning did at the end of the current before…
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a stray from Reno

who have the pinout terminals of the dashboard of the Renault Scenic / megan, Yandex anything intelligible did not give, more to stsenik2 throws, and that interests nema.interesuet as how to connect the tachometer and speedometer, water temperature gauge and pointer number -wa fuel that is necessary to do? where to put a 4th power…
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And today …

We look like that, face to face, pulled all sizes, according to the geometry of the gaps on the hood of my suit, but you can still correct them. hsien in the evening at 21.00 set vacuum rail balku.zavtra suspension and can be motor (block) with PPC dock and installed, dosobirat engine'll be on it.
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