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spare parts

absolutely welcome! A long time did not write the work, the lack of a full-fledged internet, etc., is now at home and have the opportunity to work out a duet, and actually implement the 48th PD deal with wiring braids dovnedrit in these wires on the heated seats on the mirror, straightened Panhard rod-someone when…
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and what's inside ?!

quite working cylinder head, not fried recently graduated with the geometry of the engine compartment, the final is not scald so on prihvatochkah to control geometry, muzzle recruited well (pictures do not do) .Yesterday began to disassemble the engine in anticipation of the worst, confused a large number of carbon on the camshaft cover, but…
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nothing supernatural

primastyril Japanese gene, removed the piston of 1st cylinder-normal working inserts, rings, too, does not is lying
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