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Today duo put on record. While left at the old rooms after painting will change to your region. Repair the outside handle door opening, perevtulil mechanism of new pens.
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yesterday, started the engine, assembled and docked it to the checkpoint slightly laundered bell CAT oil Rosneft synthetic 5c-40, has started almost immediately, at first a little without candles drove him to fill smazkoy.dolgo not raced since his system without water, but for the moment 1.5min. nothing special, and not say -vyhlop transparent, oil never…
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CV joints, and Scenic 158830km mileage (bonus)

a while ago, it was purchased by Scenic tidy and with it 158830km mileage and factory CV joints "Lobra" who put on AZLK konveere.torpeduot kaltki find problematic and the price bites, go the other way, but thorny toptannym.voprosy to experts : from the fuel level sensor for the tidy what to do or why it…
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