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A how so?

how Makar left control arm bent? Left with Duet, a long time to simulate the mind how the left lever (vtoroysleva) suspension bent ( he ball in the photo) but since (in Saratov and Penza traces of the accident the driver party) hidden and like so mine here that that plastered)))) plasterer not shpaklisorry)))) the…
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Driving cars

Surpassing the car, I noticed that the steering podkusyvaet times, a slight gap and the car takes a little bit. Discs wrinkled, raised the house to lift cars and carrying out a quick visual inspection of the front suspension has been found: a lack of anther on the outside of the grenade, broken control arm…
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Missing components

today with favorite came missing components, trim tailgate trim rear pillars, frill, left tail lamp, rocker gearshift, glass on the headlight and the left turn signal, Kirzhach (Hella was not), lining of the boot lid, sabers current did not have he ordered all-Valery dotsenTTTa, megaoperativny polite and considerate person, recommended, all the flaws immediately and…
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