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tank ready to be installed

In general, has been restored native tank, before the restoration of the tank was one name in general as well as from benzo ... Vnutryanka need a new. Before repairs Before repairs Repaired Repaired Well, for starters bonustrek. Kalita
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As the machine slowly disassembled, the identified corrosion centers, Kalita 16 years, either as: -) Basically rust creeps along the seams, so to be treated, but what? Rust then what? So dear readers, what and in what sequence to produce better treatment?
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Test drive with Ivan Zenkevich

Once again, remembering yesterday's shooting my Izhachka, remembered about the test "Vanya") Of course, not without mistakes, such as grid on Kalita course metal chrome, instead of metallized plastic, as stated in the test. I add that the shooting was just before last year's retro-fest, in the vicinity of the park in Sokolniki. Watch and…
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