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that's painted Kalita

I waited this moment when she painted Now everything must be clean and collect .k number 6 I think it will be all right.
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Change the oil and evaluate the scale of the disaster.

So for they were bought: motor oil LUKOIL GENESIS ARMORTECH A5B5 5W-May 30 liters. (Serve as a wash, and later move on to the Elf); transmission oil Elf TRANSELF TYPE B 80W90 GL-5 June l;. NGK spark, oil and fuel filter (motor filter replaced earlier in the bodywork). first problem when replacing the oil and…
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Photos in a position to buy parts. 1

Photo in a position to buy h. 1 badge on the trunk lid General view of General view of General view General view Disochki Salon instrument cluster combinationinstruments ochechnik door front left Shop door rear left Sill Ceiling interior Handle the ceiling backLeft Operating Instructions
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