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Help is needed!

Salute to the people! Help! I tried it! Wheelbarrow tupit or I do not understand but here's the thing ... factory with floor butting, runs a minute and starts podtraivat. If you go there is no traction motor right on the 2 cylinders like. Wilderness zavozhu- all the rules! It may happen again maybe not.…
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I perfected your beauty

to begin decided zamorochitsya butane, as you can see has become more comfortable and softer) below will update the color and replacing the factory wheels on the casting
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Dolgoruky waiting welding shop found yet.

With Yurik nothing happens as a consequence of global expectations "bulkhead" of the body, still can not start the process develops. : ( The basic idea of ​​bringing it to a form known as the pictures from the assembly line and workshops fall of 2001, proof plant: and. these photo machine with a luxurious…
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