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We handle the engine and not only

And so ... even cars, after the purchase, it was quickly brought into condition- "go", the quality of the movement is not very happy about it. In order not to load the text write that made hassle-Baz details)) Replaced timing chain with tensioner and shoe (thundered terribly) Removed a thick metallic gasket cylinder head (apparently,…
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The plans have setup turbodiesel. Can anyone advise how best to take?
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The assembly continues. Brakes 2108

As written in the previous record, acquired by GTZ and VUT 2108. To install the VUT, had to shorten its stem, cut it to wind the threads and native stock pedal. On most pedals, I drilled a new footprint for mounting rod, I now have all the pedals are at the same level. AZLK-native-brake pipes…
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