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And -children's home again, kids and "Moskvich".

third visit to the orphanage in Mstera had 6 of November - Birthday of the Moscow Automobile Plant named after Lenin Komsomol. By this time we knew that the interests of local residents do not just diverse, they are still not fixed. Draw cars like two boys. And they still have to learn to pay…
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Another clever book about the electrician.

Continue libraries evening. Today, we consider another interesting edition of "Car Electric Moskvich". This edition reviewed all the latest models of electrical equipment 412, 2140, 2125, 2126 and 2140. in general, there is nothing surprising, for all its roots go back to the distant 60th. The publication is written somewhat complicated language, I think it…
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Gasoline pump … help advice!

Hello everyone who reads this post, help people know how to be centimeters stock fuel pump out of the hand shakes, and none of the engine, what else can be the problem?
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