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All in a heap

Today started vykolupyvat mastic from the cabin (it would be better not do that) It turned out that my bottom is not as whole as I thought I was picking on a bunch of holes that will now have to zavarit.I even bought parts for hodovke.And something that drove each 188 drove to work I…
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Replacing the engine!

Hello everyone. In general, in early May, I decided to sell its 412 engine with VAZ PPC to buy the corresponding units 408 with Muscovite. And after some time, a man called the ad. We agreed to meet, to see the engine. All his suit, began to negotiate how and when to proceed to the…
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The situation is this - as Machine is in good hands and is not sold, and such clients as the - "my season on the field is needed," and "we purely to drive (Category 18)" for any money not needed! I decided to give my brother a car for temporary use. The machine is now…
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