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Digital voltmeter + pokatushki

For a long time there was a need for supervision of the on-board voltage, and for several reasons One of them -.. The battery is no longer new, 2009 The second reason is the Chinese lamp H4 at 100W each, were purchased more for a long time in the online store, in ignorance of the…
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motor Resuscitation

In life, a motor of this rare worked devils as shot in the carburetor and muffler, flowed cylinder head from the engine shield, in general it came to surgery, bought a set of pads on the entire engine, the cylinder head and went to the service at a minimum and Troubleshooting grinding plane.
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… Around the head!

In this case, the heavy aluminum parts around the head! More precisely cylinder head, which managed to bring their prevention and repair - the valve is not hounded, valve guides yet do not require intervention, but the plane was roach-pregorbataya - minus 0.25 had to shoot. Turn the motor unit and attachments!
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