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parking lights

today completed the parking lights, left teperl works too. The problem was due to the paint that prevented mass) do it all at 22:30 on parking in the shopping center Capitol on Vernadsky Prospekt
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Installing bumper. Return appearance.

Here at last laundered and found everything in its place), unfortunately now is not possible to solder, so long as it is. Rural Moskvich with a surprise ... he is not broken but badly beaten and many other problems have this machine :( Okay I'll try not to give up))
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splicing want Once Ki Var

Hello friends! ! The other day, one day in December, when the snow on the street, holding degrees in the area of ​​10, with a minus sign, to sit at home, hugging the young lady on the stronger, but drink tea, but I have this prinebrёg. ... Calls friend and offers to pick splicing ...…
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