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went for daughters to school and Herak! Dut.shmara stove stopped fucking! Thu started moskvidon podzaebyvat breakdowns. garnet became more and crunch
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Cleaning the bottom of rust

first walked drotyanoy rigid attachment to the grinders, then walked preobrazovetelem rust after myakoy was brushed on the grinders after another converter myakoy brush a second time, and in some places still Flap wheels P100. Cook the sore spots, the next step of priming and painting, I think more and front shield obezshumit immediately so it…
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Temporary post!

All Welcome! As would be sad as it may sound, but kosmichushka rotten, namely thresholds. Thresholds need full: internal, external and amplifiers, will not give up and back from the rep. inserts. Maybe someone lying around in the garage or who knows where you can get, of course, not free, but for the coin.
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