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For Sale

! All the good time Sale pickup, mileage after repairs amounted to about 14 thousand will answer all your questions on mashine.Prichina sale -. Muscovite has found a very interesting, but the owner asks much and therefore decided to sell the truck. There is an opportunity to put on a pickup swap Renault. All good!
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Kung. Winter version.

Snow poured on the body cover almost to the roof. Well, I added a little when cleaning around the machine. Then trim a little shovel to see what it should have. Well, I could not resist - zafotal for BZ .
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Kung (Part 2). Prototyping.

Altered slightly back of the frame - clipped, put the doorway under the "cracker" Inside obtyanuli Izospanom -. Remained after the warming of the house Outside zapenil mounting foam.. I took in Leroy very cheap under the gun. He imposes a fine on the wet rollers, and top immediately sprinkled with water from the dispenser.…
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