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Part 1 – "Covering the rear of the tin"

Good day! Under the motto, in a month term to cope with the "ass" - all tselulit removed, wrinkles tightened - it can be said nut: -)))) Well, to be specific, the 4 Saturday, 2 Sunday, well, even in the evenings after work days 6:. - ) Well still year and a half ago. I…
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Discs vpendyurit from Saab, Looking drives!

instead of the regular 16 "wheels were 15" of Saab 60s. But with studded tires Nokia Hakka. We try to recover so far unsuccessfully, postponed for later. For the future, there may be one extra discs can offer exchange for rubber from the Saab 145/75 + - / 15, or a little money)) tires on…
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