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Novodel thresholds at 402-407-403

Faced with the problem of new qualitative thresholds on your favorite brand, had to turn to specialists. Manufacturing is done at the factory Zil metal 1 mm. remaining masters in professional bending equipment. Experience has shown that it is more convenient to do not like the original factory default thresholds, and additional steps, allowing to…
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The first solid entry (check-in) for spare parts

Greetings to all readers! While the car is still standing at the former owner, we do not stand still. Today I visited a nice town in the Moscow region with the aim to get everything you need for a successful recovery №5 Project. As a young man Alexei garage, kindly provided me the opportunity to…
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Inspection and drying cabin

16.09.2016. Here, finally, 423 again had a roof over his head. a long presence in the open air is not the best way affected the car. In the past, he got from the children - dents on the roof. And from the rain - corrosion on the feathers and external elements of the Friday it…
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