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I took part and rolled on the Muscovites city.

Took today past, or may not, have parts of their former hozyaina.On quietly somewhere pulls out every time and calling, they say, come, find something chto.V this time I was lucky with this case, it is a major success Schild Moskvich 434! I thought I'd never naydu.Pogonyal the city, drove to a gas station, an…
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selling 434 Muscovite

Forced to sell 434-go.Hochu try to buy a little zdorovya.U we do not sell, and over the hill dorogo.Poetomu put up for sale its entire garazh.Na other sales sites Muscovite was not present, but here, hopefully will get into the correct ruki.Tak as one, and perhaps the last living Izhevsk, dorogo.Po selling price and other…
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Vimeo trying to cope with this resource

I'll try to lay out the pieces of today's video with this resursa.Tuda like loading, and how to throw here does not kick-problema.Prosba and pomoch.Spasibo.Vsem good. / myvideosdobavlyayu potihonkuO
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