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Plans for 2016

nearing summer, Moskvich still be away from my residence at 150 km (in the village). This year, finally I am going in the period May-June to overtake him on his smallholding. Here's how it happen, it will go! P.S. Recently opened rascals "garage" where conservation was my Moskvich, according to relatives like only stole radio.…
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parts for cars

Hello, here after Troubleshooting cars were purchased Auto Parts list 1) bar 2) all dampers 4 pieces and plugs for them 3), rear springs 2 pieces bushings springs 4) oil and filter for the engine 5) brake fluid tad 17 CAT and bridge 6) springs forward pair of new 7) brake blocks new and two…
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And not to give up on Kiev? Retro Exhibition 2016 (Old Car Land)

Hello! Especially those who tan fine for vintage cars exhibition in Kiev). I decided to go to the retro exhibition in Kiev as not sorry bunch of emotions especially great face tan). I met old and new friends was very pleased to see all. It is true that day fled home at 16:30. Thank you…
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