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And at the same time Kent decided to make a shelf, bombs turned out.

Specially also describe here there is nothing, everything is clear from the photo, the dimensions we have already do not remember who is in the BZ, but DRIVE.RU, section Machinery-Toyota-Allion, on all matters of manufacturing to my friend urinikolai4 , all the time he finds lay. At the same time decided to Me bumper podremontirovat,…
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I put the ceiling light in the trunk

Yesterday was a day off, and bad weather, decided to connect the previously installed ceiling lighting trunk, but it is very much deep in the trunk of the night. a hole in the roof to the ceiling cut out a couple of days before that, it was scary to cut the roof but I coped…
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How to easily make mud flaps!

Long wanted to imagine something more or less on the aesthetic appearance of the mudguards than today's market offers, small pokumekov decided to make a budget but attractive mudguards (of course this is my opinion). He did the first time (trial version), I first bought a normal frame number (chrome, metal only), and then bought…
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