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Again trifle, again without photos

Ordered on existential: General Motors 94580496 Button enable lighting the glove box 62 rubles General Motors 96247398 Diffuser lamp interior lighting 127 rubles Well done backlight bardochka. , connected next to the fuse box, parallel to the cigarette lighter, there is plenty of provodochek)) Now open the lid and the light is on)) miracle))
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Something's going on)

What to write direct lazy)) Summer) vacation) But briefly:!! Zaehal diagnosis hodovka) view, it is necessary to change the lower ball, and relevé thrust ball purchased, the steering is no Bought DVR RoverEye. Tesla A7 2.7, the first receptionist who bought the car) before as it is not necessary until a fix on the glass,…
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Connect a rear view camera

Good afternoon, or whatever you have I bought the car, had a tape recorder mm112-w, and in principle he is now too, and arranges it me stick playing, I'm on the music not special, I enough), but would like to do would be to reverse the video camera. In the settings of the recorder when…
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