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Auto "Mechanics"

What it all did not write about the service)) A couple of weeks ago, here on drayve2 was reklamka service center "Mechanics", type subscribe, will be free diagnostics, well, I'm not difficult, and the like to see that the machine. signed, it was reported that the need to make a phone call to say that…
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Winter Is Coming

Pereobulsya casting Volk rays like there further wrote) tires Nexen Winguard Ice, 195 / 60R15 is only one side)) here such departures straight like, even with arch and of passing pereobuli second machine which is located at the bogdankhv here replica TE37, original generally expensive))
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Again trifle, again without photos

Ordered on existential: General Motors 94580496 Button enable lighting the glove box 62 rubles General Motors 96247398 Diffuser lamp interior lighting 127 rubles Well done backlight bardochka. , connected next to the fuse box, parallel to the cigarette lighter, there is plenty of provodochek)) Now open the lid and the light is on)) miracle))
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