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DRL (supplied)

Came daytime running lights, ordered Ali, a reference that's Immediately warn, or I was lucky, or are they DRL, but the shade of white on the tubes is different ((here is such a minus (( Connection made in the fuse box, Connected via relay, the simplest scheme of the unit brought only one wire,…
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Disabling start-stop system

Do not really like the car stalling at traffic lights, so each time you start the engine shut off the system button Photos are not mine, well, I have exactly the same)) Tired, read that can be turned off by inserting in turn break the button, capacitor, checked, runs capacitor 25V 470mkf is obtained when…
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Well, again casting

For a trip to the sea decided to buy yourself something higher profile and a smaller diameter Well, in principle, find, meet! Casting 14! Japan! 6Jx14! ET40, weight about 6 kg!) and that's it, Watanabe RS F8F 2 casting in good condition, 2 "not very", paint podkotsana, but I think that would go to the…
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