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Replacing the front struts))

Today came rack)) took assembly todko without hub! Really took b / y but with omega B 2.5! I think my 1.8 more Hiking))) tomorrow will deal with replacing!
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Repairs can not be finished, you can just stop.

Taking the floor on the right side asked myself the question: "What happens to the left side of the floor?" The answer did not surprise me. That's right, my dear readers, and others like them - is the same as that of the floor on the right side. Those. it rotted. Well if undertaken, it…
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The roar of a gasoline pump

Guys, a question to all connoisseurs. Today it was -24 in Moscow, well, as they should, I started the car))) Smoked hour and a half (a very poor conductor). Wound up, and 3 o'clock in the afternoon the car is not drowned already up to 8 (ridden, then the underground parking has gone warm and…
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