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Replacing the front struts))

Today came rack)) took assembly todko without hub! Really took b / y but with omega B 2.5! I think my 1.8 more Hiking))) tomorrow will deal with replacing!
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Antifreeze highest quality …

Hello! On the street -25 C ... With grief in half and wound up using ether. BUT ... Peel, the device shows 90 ° C, from the stove to go warm air ... but no! Temperature increases, and the heat from the stove is not! Trying upper pipe radiatora- it is cold and full expansion…
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Hello So the car during my visit to Moscow, stood in the street and as we all know in St. Petersburg last days was cold yesterday called my friend and asked to help him start the car and the car he was just night and day. In the end, we wound up it for 2…
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