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Replacing the front struts))

Today came rack)) took assembly todko without hub! Really took b / y but with omega B 2.5! I think my 1.8 more Hiking))) tomorrow will deal with replacing!
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[60] Gift

I never understood people who are on car keys keychain with numbers is. The most presented on New Year's something like that. I can not wear, because . Not only that a gift from a loved one, so more and I really like the idea of ​​ Rooms has covered in Photoshop;)
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Regular dancing with a generator and charging

The holidays are over it is time to pay attention to the car. Not so long ago wrote about the prevention of the generator but later time began to notice inflated 15-15.7V readings at the start, they certainly decrease as the engine warms up, but it was accompanied by a noticeable flickering all the…
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