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Replacing the front struts))

Today came rack)) took assembly todko without hub! Really took b / y but with omega B 2.5! I think my 1.8 more Hiking))) tomorrow will deal with replacing!
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Like yesterday, I could not go to visit …

On Friday morning, we had to go to work, the street was -16. When it was -13, omezhka without plant matter. Here, I even could not think anything. I came, I put the key - vzhuh, vzhuh and all Akuma died. Nitsche Well, I think there's a cable now ask someone dergnut (usual thing already:…
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[56] Repair c20ne (Part 4) – first start

So it is time to sum up. I'll start from the end. When Opel wound itself (with the trigger, right), mouths pootkryvali all who were present at the event (and it is a solemn). I especially with my dad. What will succeed and the machine will go to believe, frankly, difficult ... Earlier did not…
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