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Replacing the front struts))

Today came rack)) took assembly todko without hub! Really took b / y but with omega B 2.5! I think my 1.8 more Hiking))) tomorrow will deal with replacing!
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[58] New stuff

White lamp on the size and the light diodes is, white light is in the cabin, could only fix the light in the instrument panel. And since He almost died, it was necessary to fix immediately. Bought diodes raskolupala panel looked speedometer cable - on the spot, on the box is also in place. He…
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obnovochki music

started with the well-known head, this processor pioneer88 rs-I, which was accidentally bought) went to him and console, left to pick up the iPod to it, or a USB flash drive - acquired amp prolodzhi elites 4400 - estradku from Matchmaker Alphard perekachevali at the rear, and the two men got up to the front…
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