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Step 4 Cup "Trail of the Caucasus"

I decided to share a hobby))) Since I'm fond of radio modelism in class "Trophy" and Novorossiysk 26/11/16 in the final stage of the Cup "Trail of the Caucasus" by rctrophy, organized SOCHIRCWORKSHOP, which I took 3rd place))) Around reigned friendly atmosphere, the sea of ​​positive emotions and great prizes.
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Help is needed !

Bucs grip over 3500 rpm, probyval get under way on the handbrake to 1.2, and 3 transmission cars as it should be stalls, the clutch on the site is not stalling, ask for help and where to dig that! Sin that the oil got on the clutch disc on the bottom karobka have oil stains.…
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straightening dents without painting

in early October, late in the evening I hesitated door - right in the yard, where Pyzhik once again fell in the night (the woman from next door, had a fight with a drunken husband, has not calculated its strength and leaving a parking space on the Renault Fluence, I drove back to sleep in…
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