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Mud flaps from China

Ordered by car mud flaps from under heaven, come not bad, even similar to the original, it was not necessary to drill anything, when you install and use a screwdriver awl that would just chop the rear bumper. White kittens, it's just a vinyl sticker, I immediately tore link will not give, because the seller…
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Replacing the valve cover gasket and adjusting valves.

Hello everyone. I noticed traces of oil on the cylinder block near the valve cover. Without hesitation ordered lining. ELRING 776.416 Along the way, I decided to adjust the valve, so to me there for sure nobody climbed. Currently running 96 thousand km Clearances 0.2 inlet 0.4 release Video:. German all sensible and affordable showed:…
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End of story

I forgot to tell the truth about the drive, special adventures since the last record did not happen, except for periodic repairs, paper jams in the mud and snow, until the day before yesterday ... I'm going 60 on the street froze, not bothering anyone, and suddenly, riding towards the Land Cruiser 200 decides to…
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