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Vostanovitelny work continues

Hello everyone. For a long time I did not, and that's decided to tell about the work done on how to reset my 1973 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban. In July It had a lot of free time and I decided Activities Plymouth The first will tell which parts purchased new exterior mirror, native broke the…
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fuel supply

Finally it reached his hands to put something on the car! In the process of the engine compartment audit revealed that the supply pipe from the fuel pump to carburetor their outlived and needs to be replaced. Option to order from the United States is of course good, but when there are hands and tools…
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Gathering together all that was dismantled to clean up, pumped the brakes, bred and drove out of the garage under its own power. Podkapotnoe Do not be afraid cans - is a temporary fuel tank. We must all check for leaks before connecting directly to the tank. kicked the car decided to wash its dust…
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