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Put a touch mayfun.

Dug in the garage tape Chinese, bought for Ford but never delivered, the machine sold, tape recorder was and I almost forgot about it. Today caught my eye, I tried it in Pontica, and it is almost perfect. Now I think how to connect it. On mayfune have pinout and which wires where they are…
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The reason for and the process of gluing in suede.

disaster struck! But I am an optimist in life and decided to do even more beautiful than it was! A friend of mine used to say: "If the problem is solved for the money, it's not a reason to be sad, but simply the cost." Since the crisis and show off it does not turn,…
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The first of the states nishtyaki

Cheers! nishtyaki started coming from the states. Came keychain and key in the body color. I would appreciate advice of where to turn, who will be able to insert the card and the signaling button in the new keychain.
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